Pack Mass from Cell Density

It is possible to use the battery pack database to estimate the pack mass from cell density.

The key relationship we have is between cell and pack gravimetric energy density.

This graph has been pulled together by scouring the internet for cell and battery data.

The ratio of cell density to pack density is 0.6235 and this is very close to the total cell to pack mass relationship of 1.6034

The discrepancy is based on the fact that we don’t have all of the same data in both graphs.

This relationship has been used to create this simple calculator.

If you want to estimate the impact of different cell chemistries you could use the graph below as an indicator.

Note: this is a rough estimation and should be taken as only an indicator.

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Read more about Pack Mass and try different estimation methods.

pack total - cell mass

Pack Mass Estimation

Battery pack mass estimation is a key parameter required early in the conceptual design. There are a number of key reasons for estimating the mass, one of the main ones being the significant percentage it is of the overall mass of the complete system.

This calculator uses benchmark data to estimate the mass of everything other than the cells.

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