Pack Volumetric Energy Density

The battery pack volumetric energy density is not so easy to pin down when benchmarking as the volume of the envelope is not often given. Sometimes overall dimensions are defined for the packs, but they tend to be maximums and hence don’t with anything other than cuboids. This means the pack gravimetric energy density is often more reliable.

battery pack volume versus total energy

If we look at this plot then perhaps we can see an upper and lower trend. This might be useful at the early design stage to set a range for the volume. These trends would be much tighter if we filtered out the older battery packs, this can be done with the excel version of the pack database.

pack volume vs total energy

The easiest is to perhaps just look at the best and worst of the Wh/litre values:

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battery pack benchmarking sheet

Battery Pack Database

This excel download contains all of the data we have shown here and lots more.

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