Parts List for a Battery Pack

Simply a parts List for a battery pack as a useful checklist.

  • cells
  • module (physical part or virtual group of cells in case of C2P)
    • module case
    • cell interconnects
    • Cell Sensor Circuit (CSC) (comms, voltage measurement, temperature measurement)
    • voltage sense wires
    • temperature sensors
    • temperature sensor wires
  • battery management system (BMS)
    • hardware (ECU, memory, comms, connectors to CSCs, 12V connection, CAN connection)
    • low level software (contactor control, errors, functional safety layer)
    • high level software (SOX, safety, diagnostics)
  • cooling system
  • HV control system
  • pack case
    • frame
    • baseplate + scuff/bashplate
    • lid
    • lid seal
    • module fixtures
    • busbars
    • busbar fixings
    • LV harness
    • comms harness
    • 12V connector
    • comms connector
    • HV connector(s)
    • clips and fixings (harness clips, busbar fixings, coolant pipe fixings)
    • thermal isolation
      • cooling system to case isolation
      • mica sheet for thermal runaway heat isolation
    • gas vent
    • breather
    • labels
    • brackets and fixings for pack to system structure

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  1. Interesting, thanks. Though I would recommend an update to differentiate between Cell-based packs, “Bag” packs and Prismatic Battery packs.


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