Parts List for a Battery Pack

Simply a parts List for a battery pack as a useful checklist.

  • cells
  • module (physical part or virtual group of cells in case of C2P)
    • module case
    • cell interconnects
    • Cell Sensor Circuit (CSC) (comms, voltage measurement, temperature measurement)
    • voltage sense wires
    • temperature sensors
    • temperature sensor wires
  • battery management system (BMS)
    • hardware (ECU, memory, comms, connectors to CSCs, 12V connection, CAN connection)
    • low level software (contactor control, errors, functional safety layer)
    • high level software (SOX, safety, diagnostics)
  • cooling system
  • HV control system
  • pack case
    • frame
    • baseplate + scuff/bashplate
    • lid
    • lid seal
    • module fixtures
    • busbars
    • busbar fixings
    • LV harness
    • comms harness
    • 12V connector
    • comms connector
    • HV connector(s)
    • clips and fixings (harness clips, busbar fixings, coolant pipe fixings)
    • thermal isolation
      • cooling system to case isolation
      • mica sheet for thermal runaway heat isolation
    • gas vent
    • breather
    • labels
    • brackets and fixings for pack to system structure

This Parts List for a Battery Pack is meant as a check and is not the definitive list. The full parts list will depend on the design and the application.

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Battery Pack Sizing

In simple terms this will be based on the energy and power demands of the application.

The application of the battery pack is quite fundamental to sizing it and setting the usable SoC window.

High power packs need to operate over a narrower state of charge window if the power delivery is to be consistent.

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