Repurpose or Reuse or 2nd Life are all about another use for a battery after it has come to the end of it’s primary intended use.

2nd life of batteries

Second Life of Batteries for Electric Vehicles

What is Second life of Batteries? Batteries have or will have a lifecycle of 10-15 years in Electric vehicles. Batteries need to be replaced in Electric Vehicles as per OEM advice once they fall to between 80% to 70% of their original capacity. But these batteries will have sufficient life left in them for other applications even at 70% to 80% capacity.

4R’s Repair, Reman, Repurpose, Recycle

Before moving to the recycling of a battery the following options should be considered:

  1. Repair
  2. Remanufacture
  3. Repurpose
  4. Recycling

This approach can reduce cost, impact on the customer and most importantly the impact on the planet.

Batteries are not emissions and toxic waste free and so the life cycle analysis (LCA) must be considered from cradle to grave.