Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe is a supermini electric vehicle. Since 2013, the Zoe has been the all-time top selling all-electric car in the French market, with more than 100,000 units registered through June 2020 [1].

2012 Renault Zoe ZE

  • Usable energy = 22kWh (25.92kWh total)
  • Configuration = 96s2p
  • Cell = 36Ah
  • Pack weight = 280kg
Renault Zoe ZE40 2016

2016 Renault Zoe ZE 40

  • Usable energy = 41kWh (44.1kWh total)
  • Configuration = 96s2p
  • Cell = LG Chem 63/65Ah
  • Pack weight = 305kg

Note: the later Zoe ZE 40 has the same battery as the ZE 50 and is software limited in energy capacity [2].

2019 Renault Zoe ZE 50

  • Usable energy = 52kWh (54.7kWh total)
  • Configuration = 96s2p
  • Cell = LGX E78
  • Pack weight = 326kg
Renault Zoe ZE50
Renault Zoe energy density versus year

It is interesting to compare the Zoe with the Leaf.

Similar vehicles and offering in terms of specifications.

In gravimetric energy density terms the Renault Zoe s ahead.


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