Sehol E10X Sodium Ion

The Sehol E10X is a VW/Seat joint venture with Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp. Ltd. (JAC) in China. They have used a Hina Sodium Ion battery pack to demonstrate the technology.

The standard production E10X three options for the LFP battery pack:

  • 15kWh => 150 km (93 miles) of NEDC-rated range
  • 19.7kWh => 200km
  • 30.2kWh => 302km

6 March 2023 – JAC Motors uses this platform to unveil the world’s first sodium-ion battery electric vehicle. The Sodium Ion Battery Packs are now coming fast from a number of companies in China.

It will be interesting to see if this pack design changes for production as it does appear to be very much a prototype. However, Sodium Ion offers a much safer chemistry and operation up to 80°C. Hence a stripped back pack design is feasible.

HiNa Battery:

  • Pack
    • Energy = 25 kWh (claimed)
      • 72Ah
      • Pack nominal voltage = 341V
      • Energy = 24.552kWh
    • Configuration = 110s6p
    • Mass = 205kg (based on energy and density)
      • Gravimetric Energy Density = 120Wh/kg
      • Cell to pack mass ratio = 82%
    • Discharging ~50kW (based on 45kW peak motor power and 90% efficiency)
    • Charging 10 to 80% = 20minutes

The two busbars at the front join the series strings of cells and hence allows the series string to wind front to back 5 times.

Hence the connection to the positive and negative ends of the string will be opposite front/rear corners.

We can see a second set of contactors and a fuse at the side of the pack towards the rear.

Assumption is that this higher block of cells fits under the 2nd row seats in the E10X.

This battery pack is average when we compare it to all of the packs in our database (mostly Lithium Ion).

Written based on the support and sponsorship of: AVANT Future MobilityQuarto Technical ServicesTAE Power Solutionsh.e.l group and The Limiting Factor. 

  • Cell
    • HiNa NaCR32140
    • Nominal voltage = 3.1V
    • Cell capacity = 12Ah
    • Mass = 0.256kg
    • Working temperature from −40°C to 80°C
    • Capacity retention > 99% at 55°C
    • Capacity retention > 88% at −20°C;
    • Cycle life ≥ 4500 cycles at 83% (2C/2C)
    • Metrics
      • Gravimetric energy density = 145 Wh/kg
      • Volumetric energy density = 330 Wh/litre
    • rate capability of 90% capacity retention at 5 C-rate to 1 C-rate
    • storage of 100% SOC at room temperature for 28 days, with a capacity retention ≥ 94% and capacity recovery ≥ 99%
    • safety
      • meets GB/T31845-2015.

The image and hand close to the cells scales this as the 32140 format. A cylindrical cell that is 32mm in diameter and 140mm long.


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