Aviation Battery Systems

Aviation battery systems have some very unique requirements compared to other mobile batteries.

NASA electrified aircraft

Electrified Aircraft Propulsion Targets

  • 400 Wh/kg required at the system level
  • 1000’s of cycles
  • Extremely high power requirements (C-rates) during takeoff and landing
  • Cruise power for long range flights
  • High reliability, limited maintenance
  • Improved safety for thermal runaway events

Spirit of Innovation

Spirit of Innovation is an Electroflight designed propulsion system that they engineered and built into an airframe to set air speed records. Badged as the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Innovation.

  • 345 mph – 3 kilometres
  • 331 mph – 15 kilometres
  • 202 seconds – 3000 metre climb

Rolls-Royce ‘spirit of innovation’ is officially the world’s fastest all-electric aircraft.

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