Cylindrical Cell Electrode Estimation

Cylindrical Cell Electrode Estimation: An alternative geometric approach. Here we present a simple method for estimating electrode length in a cylindrical cell. The method is equally applicable to other formats since we make an estimation of the total active electrode area. Results require knowledge of one electrode Active Material (AM) chemistry, electrode porosity and thickness … Read more

Cylindrical Cell Electrode Estimation

Using some simple mathematics and dimensions we can do some cylindrical cell electrode estimation. Knowing the outer and inner diameter of the spiral along with it’s thickness we can calculate the length of the material to create it. D is the inner diameter of the cylindrical can. The inner diameter is that of the mandrel … Read more

Cylindrical Cell Comparison 4680 vs 21700 vs 18650

In this Article, we will compare different Cylindrical Cell Sizes used in electric Vehicles. 4680 vs 21700 vs 18650.

Ducati V21L Moto E Battery

Ducati V21L

A look at the Ducati V21L Moto E battery. The development of the project is already in an advanced stage and is proceeding at a rapid pace towards 2023, the year in which Ducati will take on the role of sole supplier of the FIM MotoE™ World Cup with 18 electric bikes on the track … Read more

Lucid Motors

Lucid Air

The Lucid Air has been designed to take on the best that Tesla can offer. Atieva (Lucid Motors technology company) designed and made the 2019-2021 Formula E packs. They have used that experience and knowledge to improve the road cars. With the longest driving range of any electric vehicle on the market, an EPA estimated … Read more