BYD Shark PHEV - transparent vehicle showing driveline

Not many details around the BYD Shark PHEV, but worth sharing what we know. The image shows a rectangular battery pack, typical of the BYD Blade design. This uniform shape keeps the cost low, but will challenge the packaging of the driveline and in particular propshafts. A north-south configured 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine and … Read more

BYD Blade Nail Penetration Test

BYD nail penetration test of their blade cell

The BYD Blade cell is an overall design philosophy that enables high system level energy density with LFP chemistry. This is enabled by assembling the cells all together at pack level, creating a Cell to Pack design. The BYD blade cell to pack design is interesting as it has been designed by a company that … Read more