Benchmarking Battery Packs

benchmarking battery packs

When benchmarking battery packs the intention is to create a standard list of data and then a list of references. This form will post will form the standard list that we will use going forward and hence we need to get this 90% complete before we start. The first thing to look at when benchmarking … Read more

State of Charge

State of Charge, abbreviated as SoC and defined as the amount of charge in the cell as a percentage compared to the nominal capacity of the cell in Ah. As an example, for the Samsung SDI 94Ah cell [Ref 1]. However, the capacity remaining needs to be defined against specific test conditions, eg rated capacity … Read more

Cells in Series

When connecting cells in series the negative terminal of the first cell is connected to the positive terminal of the second cell. The negative terminal of the second cell is connected to the positive terminal of the third cell. This continues until we reach the total number of cells required in series. The nominal voltage … Read more

Battery Capacity

The amount of energy available from a battery. Chemical Capacity – full storage capacity of the chemistry when measured from full to empty or empty to full. This is normally defined at a given C-rate and maximum and minimum voltages. Designed Capacity – the storage capacity allowed to be used by the application. Often called … Read more