Zeekr 007 LFP

Zeekr 007 Golden Brick Battery

The Zeekr 007 LFP battery is also described as the “Golden Brick Battery” pack. It appears the gold colour comes from a wrap that is used to electrically isolate the pack. That sounds very much like Kapton tape. Specifications Metrics These numbers are based on images, a few data points and a few assumptions. Please … Read more

Electrode to Pack

24m battery pack known as ETOP

We have seen Cell to Pack and Cell to Body pack designs, now we are seeing talk of Electrode to Pack. The first to talk about this perhaps are 24M Technologies with what they have trademarked as their ETOP system. In lithium cells with a liquid electrolyte this arrangement would be an issue as the … Read more

Gotion L600 Astroinno


The Gotion L600 Astroinno is an Lithium Manganese Iron Phosphate (LMFP) based cell chemistry. Key Features This post has been built based on the support and sponsorship from: About:Energy, AVANT Future Mobility, Quarto Technical Services, TAE Power Solutions and The Limiting Factor.  Safety Data Gotion state zero thermal propagation [2]. The cell surface is coated with an insulating material. Gotion state … Read more

Mercedes Vision EQXX

Mercedes Vision EQXX battery pack

Cell to Pack design for the Mercedes Vision EQXX battery is just one of the aspects that make this an interesting vehicle. OK, this is a research vehicle designed to push the envelope. With expert engineering and Formula 1 thinking, our battery chemists squeezed the energy of the EQS into the dimensions of a compact … Read more

Pack Generations

battery pack generations

When we look at automotive battery pack design there have been a number of pack generations. The general theme is to simplify and hence reduce the cost. Initially we saw packs built from small modules of around 12 cells. The next step in pack generations is possibly going to be a cell to vehicle design. … Read more

CATL Qilin CTP 3.0

The CATL Qilin CTP 3.0 is their second generation cell to pack design. Qilin is named after a legendary creature from China. The latest CATL post suggests that this integrated system can increase the energy density to 255Wh/kg for ternary battery systems (NMC, NMCX etc), and 160Wh/kg for LFP battery systems. Essentially removing the overheads … Read more