Mapping Pouch Cell Pressure Distribution in Operando

Schematic experimental setup: The pouch cell (orange) and pressure mapping sensor (blue) are situated between the compression pads (black) and CompreCell Pouch cell fixture (grey).

CompreCell Pouch x TekScan Sensor Author: rhd instruments GmbH & Co. KG Introduction The pressure applied to pouch cell batteries is key to their performance and cycle life [1, 2, 3, 4]. One of two modes of pressure application is typically used: Constant volume (CV) or constant pressure (CP). CV mode is achieved by fixing … Read more

Prismatic Cell Electrode Estimation

prismatic cell jelly roll estimation

Using some simple mathematics and dimensions we can do some prismatic cell electrode estimation. The real challenge was: by giving following inputs (length, width & thickness of cathode, anode & separator, fixed mandrel length and dimensions of the prismatic cell case), can we get the thickness of the jelly roll? Is there any direct formula … Read more

Performance Imbalances in Parallel-Connected Cells

cells in parallel

Efficiently addressing performance imbalances in parallel-connected cells is crucial in the rapidly developing area of lithium-ion battery technology. This is especially important as the need for more durable and efficient batteries rises in industries such as electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy storage systems (ESS). Written by: Gabriele Piombo, Visiting Scholar at the Department of … Read more

Cell Component Mechanical Tests

zwickroell tensile testing of 6 um thick copper foil

Cell component mechanical tests are extensive and required in order that a more detailed understanding of how the cells behave can be established. The battery cell is a complex: chemistry, electrical, thermal and mechanical system. Cycle ageing is seen as a deteriation in the chemistry of the cell, but should also be considered as a … Read more

OLA S1 E-Scooter

Ola eScooter

Ola S1 E-Scooter are the number one selling scooters in India in the electric 2 wheeler market. In 2023 Ola sold 252,647 units (till dec21). Ola S1 comes in three models: Ola S1 Pro, S1 Air and S1X. In this article we will see benchmarking of OLA battery pack for S1. S1 air and X … Read more

Maximum Cell Discharge Capability

cell maximum current

Establishing the maximum cell discharge capability is difficult without understanding the design in detail. However, you can work towards establishing this limit with a number of measurements and calculations. The aim of this post is to describe that approach, the underlying physics, some of the measurements and calculations. First of all though we need to … Read more

How Can Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Improve Li-ion Battery Performance?

Maintaining battery production quality and improving performance, lifetime, and safety requires application of a variety of analytical techniques. Confirming material composition and purity, ensuring the homogeneity of electrode slurries, detecting defects that can cause short circuits and certifying feedstock materials extracted from recycled batteries are all processes that depend on analytical testing. Investigating the mechanisms … Read more


Tesla Cybertruck

Update: Now that Tesla Cybertruck has been launched and first delveries/bookings being confirmed. We can update the article and benchmarking based on the data available from the websites and various forums. We are now seeing them on the road and buzz is going around with various video reviews. Recent Q2 Earnings call gave us the … Read more