Impact of Formulation and Slurry Properties on Lithium-ion Electrode Manufacturing

Impact of Formulation and Slurry Properties on Lithium-ion Electrode Manufacturing

The impact of formulation and slurry properties on lithium-ion electrode manufacturing is significant. The combination of materials in the electrodes, including the active material, conductive additive, and binders, plays a crucial role in determining the characteristics and performance of LIBs. Dr. Carl Reynolds, Dr. Mona Faraji Niri, Dr. Marc Francis Hidalgo, Robert Heymer, Dr. Luis … Read more

Battery Assembly Times

Peugeot e208 battery

A look at battery assembly times based on available reports and data. Cell to Module The Peugeot e208 pack is rather complex looking, but the module is a quite standard 12 prismatic cells in an aluminium box. Module to Pack The Peugeot e208 battery consists of 18 modules assembled into what is a complex battery … Read more

Lithium Battery Manufacturing Equipment CAPEX

pie chart showing breakdown in cell manufacturing capex costs

If you are entering into manufacturing cells then you will want to understand Lithium Battery Manufacturing Equipment CAPEX. The detailed report is available from Bonsai Technology. This analysis is for a prismatic cell case and is an average. Note that this depends on: Therefore, it is a first indicator in the breakdown of a total … Read more

Cell Manufacturing Strategy

In order to develop cell manufacturing you need a cell manufacturing strategy. This needs to be thought through from access to the raw materials, workforce development, long term financial support and ensuring you have ongoing research. This requires sustained leadership and direction. The strategy for this from the European Battery Alliance (EBA) [2] clearly defines … Read more

10 things about SSBs that you are often not told

Author Dr. Simon Madgwick of Nuvvon Inc. As an overview, this post cannot cover every possibility or explain in depth. Nonetheless these 10 topics give a reasonable overview of solid-state batteries in terms of what is less transparent in the publicity and hype of solid state. To be clear, we need solid state batteries, but … Read more

1 GWh of Cells

A look at the numbers around 1 GWh of cells and what could you do with 1 GWh of energy. There are more equivalents for 1 GWh and 1GWh of cells, but hopefully this just helps put the unit into perspective. References Manufacturing Process In order to engineer a battery pack it is important to … Read more

Cell Matching

What level of cell matching do you do prior to assembling a battery pack? Assuming the battery pack will be balanced the first time it is charged and in use. Also, assuming the cells are assembled in series. If the cells are very different in State of Charge (SoC) when assembled the Battery Management System … Read more