Tesla Cybertruck Battery Structure

Tesla Cybertruck battery pack 2023

A look at the Tesla Cybertruck battery structure and integration into the body. Previously we looked at the TESLA CYBERTRUCK and Battery Pack in terms of specifications. Would be good to see how the body and pack work together in side pole crash? I assume the sections on the lid lockout on the sills and … Read more

Cell Component Mechanical Tests

zwickroell tensile testing of 6 um thick copper foil

Cell component mechanical tests are extensive and required in order that a more detailed understanding of how the cells behave can be established. The battery cell is a complex: chemistry, electrical, thermal and mechanical system. Cycle ageing is seen as a deteriation in the chemistry of the cell, but should also be considered as a … Read more

Cell Expansion

As you charge a cell it expands, when you discharge a cell it contracts and as the cell ages over its lifetime we see a continuing cell expansion. Thus the cell expansion can be divided into: The reversible cell expansion comes from changes in graphite layer spacing associated with different graphite-lithium intercalation compounds induce reversible … Read more