Mercedes AMG HPB80

Mercedes AMG HPB80 energy and power graphic

The Mercedes AMG HPB80 is a dielectric cooled PHEV battery pack. First introduced in detail by Mercedes in 2021 this battery pack is worth a more detailed review. We know a number of the specifications for this pack and hence can estimate others. However, we do not know the cell that is used in this … Read more

Mercedes Vision EQXX

Mercedes Vision EQXX battery pack

Cell to Pack design for the Mercedes Vision EQXX battery is just one of the aspects that make this an interesting vehicle. OK, this is a research vehicle designed to push the envelope. With expert engineering and Formula 1 thinking, our battery chemists squeezed the energy of the EQS into the dimensions of a compact … Read more

2021 Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+

Mercedes EQS

Specifications: The 2021 Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+ The performance luxury electric vehicle offering from Mercedes and part of the Mercedes EQ line up of EV’s. Peak power is based on 490kW peak motor power published by Mercedes [1] and assuming 90% efficiency, thus 490kW / 0.9 = 544kW The peak acceleration time for the vehicle … Read more

Mercedes EQ

Mercedes EQA 250

The Mercedes EQ is the electric vehicle mobility brand for Mercedes. Mercedes-EQ is the electric mobility brand of Mercedes-Benz, made up of a range of electric cars. The Mercedes-EQ brand isn’t just about the luxurious cars, but also the innovative and convenient services that come with them to enhance your overall ownership experience. Read on … Read more

2021 Mercedes EQA 250

Mercedes EQA

The 2021 Mercedes EQA 250 is an all electric compact SUV. Specifications: Traditional layout with a single motor driving the front wheels and a battery pack under the passenger compartment. Peak discharge power is estimated based on peak motor power of 140kW and a motor and inverter efficiency of 90%, hence 140kW / 90% = … Read more