Power versus Energy Cells

power versus energy cell

Comparing power versus energy cells we see there are some fundamental differences. A high energy cell will have better volumetric and gravimetric energy density at the expense of the ability to deliver a high current. The power cell will have a low internal resistance and will be optimised to deliver current over energy density. Teardown … Read more

State of Charge

State of Charge, abbreviated as SoC and defined as the amount of charge in the cell as a percentage compared to the nominal capacity of the cell in Ah. As an example, for the Samsung SDI 94Ah cell [Ref 1]. However, the capacity remaining needs to be defined against specific test conditions, eg rated capacity … Read more

Battery Capacity

The amount of energy available from a battery. Chemical Capacity – full storage capacity of the chemistry when measured from full to empty or empty to full. This is normally defined at a given C-rate and maximum and minimum voltages. Designed Capacity – the storage capacity allowed to be used by the application. Often called … Read more