Hina NaCR32140-MP10

The Hina NaCR32140-MP10 is a sodium ion based chemistry cylindrical cell with a capacity of 10Ah. In the original release of this cell we saw a specification showing 12Ah (left image). However, the volume production shows this 32140 format is a 10Ah Sodium Ion cell. Key Metrics The maximum power has been calculated based on … Read more

Sodium-Ion Cell Characteristics

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Sodium-ion cells are in the very early stages of mass production, with the first commercial systems being available for purchase in 2023. Some typical characteristics of sodium-ion cells include: The table below provides an overview of some of the companies working around Sodium-ion battery production, and details of their chosen cell designs: Note that a … Read more

Sodium-Ion Battery Materials

Many of the battery components in both sodium-ion and lithium-ion batteries are similar due to the similarities of the two technologies. This post provides a high-level overview of sodium-ion battery materials. Cathode materials Anode materials Metallic anodes are also being researched for Na-ion batteries, although these are not yet being considered for commercial applications. Electrolytes … Read more