Tesla Cybertruck Battery Structure

Tesla Cybertruck

A look at the Tesla Cybertruck battery structure and integration into the body.

Previously we looked at the TESLA CYBERTRUCK and Battery Pack in terms of specifications.

Tesla Cybertruck battery pack 2023

Would be good to see how the body and pack work together in side pole crash? I assume the sections on the lid lockout on the sills and then provide significant support for sills.

Tesla Cybertruck battery pack 2023
Tesla Cybertruck battery pack 2023

As you can see from the Autoline Network [1] channel once the battery pack is removed the complete floor is removed.

The Tesla patent [2] clearly shows the battery pack with the front seat supports. We have seen this structure already in the 2022 Tesla Model Y 4680. However, that more closely replicates the patent with the beam across the body at the second row heal board.

Tesla Patent for Integrated energy storage

The cybertruck appears to have a completely open body frame once the battery has been removed. Note the number of significant top-hat sections welded to the top of the battery pack.

Tesla Cybertruck battery pack 2023

The original claims on this structural pack were that it has fewer parts, lighter and cheaper. Once we know more of the numbers and are able to account for the overall system impact we will update this post.

Tesla Cybertruck battery pack 2023

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