Tesla Cybertruck Battery

The Tesla Cybertruck Battery is an interesting design as a lot of elements are developed from the 4680 based Model Y. In the previous post we looked at the battery to body structure around the Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck battery pack 2023

Note: huge thanks to Munro Live and their teardowns, checkout their channel and references below to see more.

The pack and body structure left us wondering what the inside design was like, perhaps we could gues based on the east-west outer top reinforcement that the inner structure would run north-south.

Here you can see that the battery pack is made up of four modules. In this case using the larger 4680 format cell.

Here you can see the empty outer crush space, this will be to allow the body sills to deform in a side-pole impact and absorb energy thus reducing the deceleration of the occupants and protecting the battery pack.

Note how the inner section bends and ties into the battery pack enclosure corner.

The foam protecting the neighbouring cells from thermal runaway and hence delaying thermal propagation covers all of the components. This will protect them from the extreme heat in this event and reduce the possibility of HV arcing between any bare parts of the HV circuit.

In the next image you can clearly see the use of mica and foam to protect the cells from thermal propagation.

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The void above the cells that is there to allow the venting gases to expand, cool and to manage the path out of the pack is deep. This might be why some reports are saying the pack is “half empty” [3].

We say void above, but the pack has been flipped and hence this void is at the bottom of the pack. That space increases the protection of the cells from road debris and boulders that are likely to impact the underside.

As the coolant system is inside the battery pack, Tesla use their petented mechanically self-activated drain. In the event of an internal coolant leak these will operate and allow the coolant to pass out of the battery enclosure.

Tesla self activating drain plug

Tesla Self-Activated Draining System

The Tesla Self-Activated Draining System was patented some time ago, but this simple mechanical device is still being used in the latest Cybertruck.


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