In battery pack design we have to look at Tesla as they proved an electric vehicle could be a credible alternative to the internal combustion engine and they have lead the field for more than 2 decades.

2008 Roadster

The idea of using commodity battery cells as seen in laptops was ground breaking.

2012 Model S

Initially 3 battery pack sizes, mounted under the vehicle floor and giving performance and range.

Supercharge Network

Model X


A range of products to store energy from solar panels in the home.

2170 Cell Format

Announced in mid 2016 and began volume production in January 2017. This cell goes into the Model 3 battery from launch.

4680 Cell Format

Tesla Battery Day – September 2020, YouTube

The move to the 21700 format cylindrical cell was made with the Model 3 and this was again the first vehicle to take the 4680 cylindrical format cell.





CATL LFP Prismatic Based Pack