Testing Equipment

A look at testing equipment, hopefully this can build to a complete list with more detailed descriptions over time.

Calorimeter – the device used to study the calorimetry of a process. At their core, calorimeters are insulated containers, allowing for the isolation of the systems under study from their surrounding environment.

What is Calorimetry? Calorimetry is a branch of thermodynamics that deals with heat transfer quantification. Heat can be transferred during a variety of processes, such as chemical reactions, phase changes, or dissolution of solutes in a solvent. Calorimetry follows the first law of thermodynamics, which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred. The direction that the heat takes will determine the type of process: if heat is absorbed, the process will be endothermic, whereas if heat is released, the process will be exothermic.

Thermocouple – device for measuring temperatures, consisting of two dissimilar metals which produce an electromotive force roughly proportional to the temperature difference between their hot and cold junction ends.