To Do List

A list of topics that need to be added to

This is our memory jogger and we will try and pick these off as we go. We would also really appreciate people adding ideas to this page as comments or as an email:

  1. Cell Internal ResistanceDCIR of a cell, Internal Resistance 101
  2. Thermal Runaway
    • Cell TR Trigger Methods
    • Pack Thermal Runaway
    • Physics of Thermal Runaway – a look at the fundamentals
  3. Models
  4. Standards and laws regarding LiIon Cells/Modules/Packs. Validity in Europe, USA, Asia, International
  5. Cell Resistance
    • AC resistance
    • DCIRDCIR of a Cell
    • EIS
      • Basics of EIS and ideas how to use it for SOC/SOH-measuring in the field.
  6. Battery housing materials and construction methods? With coverage to MB new module to chassis mountings?
  7. Isolation measuring methodsIsolation Resistance of a Pack
    • BMS measurement of pack isolation resistance
    • Trouble shooting isolation faults
  8. Thermal
    • Basics of cooling design
      • how to decide the coolant flow rate requirement for a battery pack, when we know the chemistry overall KWh / AH / Voltage,C rate of charging /ambient temp etc .
      • Cooling channel construction etc..
    • Dielectric CoolingDielectric Immersion Cooling
    • Dielectric Cooling Methods
      • Dielectric Fluids
      • Examples
      • Dielectric Cooling Fluids
  9. Accelerated Testing
    • performance testing
    • fast charging limits
    • ageing
  10. End of line cell production testing
    • Cell Grading
    • Cell formation process
    • Ageing
  11. Contactor Control
    • Contactor Arcing
    • Contactor welding detection
    • Contactor Bounce Control
    • Power reduction for the coil
    • Pre-charge resistor
  12. Isothermal Calorimeter
  13. Module and Pack Manufacturers tableModule/Pack Manufacturers
  14. Module base battery pack
  15. lead-acid / VRLA battery  (125 V – 480 V) system charts during short circuit between voltage and current
  16. Type of fuses or breakers suitable for battery system between 125 V – 480 V (especially the battery short circuit is, in general,  limited)
  17. DC ARC formula for battery system between 125 V – 480 V
  18. Cell Component Development
    • Anode
      • testing and validation process
    • Cathode
    • Electrolyte
  19. Battery Duty Cycles
    • convert a drive cycle to equivalent current and voltage profile
    • show steps in the calculation from vehicle parameters to battery pack loads
  20. BMS
    • SOC estimation for LFP
  21. Ageing
    • is there any direct graph which shows the cell operating  temp vs cycle life for a NMC 811 cell
    • how do we improve calendar ageing