Vinfast Theon S Battery

Vinfast Theon S

The Vinfast Theon S battery for the electric 2 wheeler from Vietnam. The original version had swappable battery packs that used Samsung 21700 NCA cells.

In 2022 VinFast changed the design to a fixed Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) pack that uses LFP prismatic cells from Gotion [3].


  • Gravimetric Energy Density
    • Pack = 131 Wh/kg
    • Cell = 172.3 Wh/kg
  • Gravimetric Power Density
    • Peak = 404 W10s/kg
    • Contintuous = 243 Wcont/kg
    • Charge = 68 Wcont/kg
  • Usable Energy = 3.48 kWh (Total = 3.66 kWh)
    • SoC Window = 95%
  • Nominal Voltage = 70.4V
    • Voltage Range = 75.9V to 61.6V
  • Nominal Capacity = 52 Ah
  • Configuration = 22 s 1 p
  • Pack DCIR ~ 0.055 Ω10s
  • Power
    • Peak = 11.3 kW10s
    • Continuous = 6.8 kWcont
  • Fast Charging Power = 1.9 kW
Vinfast Theon S battery
Battery pack with the top half of the case removed [2]

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Vinfast Theon S battery frame
  • Pack Mass = 28 kg
    • Cell Mass = 21.3 kg
    • Pack-Cells = 6.7 kg
    • Cell to Pack Ratio = 75.9 %

The pack uses an aluminium cast base. This has the fixing points located around the perimeter to allow the pack to be bolted into the scooter frame.

A one piece injection moulded lid fits over and bolts down to the aluminium base with a seal fitted into the lid [2].

Vinfast Theon S battery seal

The top half of the enclosure has the seal set into a moulded in rectangular groove.

Vinfast Theon S battery vent

Note the underside of the vent disc in the top surface of the upper pack enclosure. There appear to be two vent discs in total.

Vinfast Theon S battery

The second tier of the pack has cells and control system all attached via the inner plastic support/shielding.

Vinfast Theon S battery

Harness and busbar cables run up the side of the second teir and are fixed to the inner housing. The second tier has a more substantial plastic base with the upper cover clipping to the lower section.

Vinfast Theon S battery contactor

The main contactor is a Hongfa HFE80V-200/150-12-HTC5Y [4]. The high level specifications are:

  • 200A continuously at 85°C
    • 800A for 10s
  • Contact resistance ≤1.0mΩ (at 20A)
  • Max switching voltage = 250VDC
  • Max breaking current = 400A


  • Cell Make = Gotion
  • Chemistry = Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Format = Prismatic
  • Nominal Capacity = 52 Ah
  • Nominal Voltage = 3.2 V
  • Nominal energy = 166.4 Energy Wh
  • Mass = 0.966 kg
  • DCIR = 0.0025 Ω [10s 50% 25°C)


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battery pack mass versus total energy for all packs in the database and BMW picked out in red

The battery pack database is now available as an excel file via a download. This includes the data from this battery pack and many more (see page for details).

Benchmark your design against the market and create plots easily.

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