Zeekr 007 LFP

Zeekr 007 Golden Brick Battery

The Zeekr 007 LFP battery is also described as the “Golden Brick Battery” pack.

It appears the gold colour comes from a wrap that is used to electrically isolate the pack. That sounds very much like Kapton tape.



  • Pack energy density = 128.4Wh/kg
  • Cell to pack volume ration = 83.7%
  • Pack energy = 75.6kWh
  • Nominal voltage = 610V
  • Nominal capacity = 124Ah
  • Configuration
    • 192s 1p
  • IP rating = 8 assume that means 68
  • Pack mass = 589kg +/-17kg [6]
  • Peak discharge
    • 344kW (RWD)
    • 528kW (AWD)
    • Peak discharge = 16C

These numbers are based on images, a few data points and a few assumptions. Please treat these as estimates at this point. The RWD Zeekr 007 with the LFP battery has a quoted power output of 310kW, we assume 90% efficiency for the motor and inverter, hence 344kW peak battery output. The AWD version has a peak power of 475kW and hence at 90% efficiency 528kW at the battery.

Zeekr 007 Golden Brick Battery

The appears to be a coolant inlet and outlet shown at the bottom of the above image. However, the exploded view doesn’t show the cooling system.

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Zeekr 007 Golden Brick Battery

The image below (from the YouTube video) shows the coolant connections on the rear of the pack (our assumption is that the front is tapered).

Zeekr 007 Golden Brick Battery
Zeekr 007 Golden Brick Battery

What appears as the application of thermal interface material to the coolant plate [5] shows the cells are cooled on the bottom edge.

Zeekr 007 LFP battery


  • Peak charge power = 500kW
  • Maximum charge rate = 4.5C
  • 10 to 80% < 15 minutes
    • this is equal to 500km of range added to the Zeekr 007

The leaked youtube video [3] of the LFP pack charging shows it peaking at ~390kW.

With 192 cells in series the maximum charging voltage is 192 x 3.65V = 700.8V and hence at 390kW this is a current of 556A and at the peak claimed charging power of 500kW this is 718A. The concern is that the main fuse is sized at 500A. OK, this is an I2t problem and the fuse will be able to operate above 500A for some time. The issue then is one of discrimination under all conditions.

Zeekr 007 charging power

They state: “At -10 °C, the fast charging speed increases by 25%”. This is difficult to interpret at this point in time.


Zeekr007 battery cell

Link Sun International [7] have now done a teardown of the battery pack and we now have more details of the cell.

  • Nominal capacity = 124Ah
  • Dimensions = 510 mm x 16.35 mm x 120.36 mm
  • Cell mass = 2.27 kg
  • Cell case
    • aluminium
    • thickness = 0.37mm
    • gold film ~ 0.1mm thick


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