Lithium Battery Manufacturing Equipment CAPEX

If you are entering into manufacturing cells then you will want to understand Lithium Battery Manufacturing Equipment CAPEX. The detailed report is available from Bonsai Technology.

This analysis is for a prismatic cell case and is an average. Note that this depends on:

  • equipment supplier
  • equipment performance
  • cell capacity
  • cell chemistry

Therefore, it is a first indicator in the breakdown of a total ~$36 million/GWh Capex cost. Of which 1/3 of that is for formation and aging.

Morgan Stanley [2] give a capex requirement of ~$80m/GWh to get to a total capex requirement for the battery industry ~$1.8 trillion for Grid and EV cell manufacturing out to 2040.

Lithium Battery Manufacturing Equipment CAPEX is an interesting area of research for cell manufacturers as they increase production and drive down investment costs/GWh.


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cell manufacture schematic

Cell Manufacturing Process

In order to engineer a battery pack it is important to understand the fundamental building blocks, including the battery cell manufacturing process. This will allow you to understand some of the limitations of the cells and differences between batches of cells. Or at least understand where these may arise.

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