Remaining Useful Life

What is Remaining Useful Life (RUL)? Remaining Useful Life (RUL) is a key function declared by the battery management system. As per the title it gives you the remaining predicted lifetime of the battery based on its usage and degradation to the failure threshold [1]. It represents the period from the observation to the end of life … Read more

Knee Point

Battery Capacity versus number of cycles showing the Knee Point

Attia et al [1] also describe six mechanisms/pathways that can produce the “Knee Point”: The impact of this nonlinear degradation in cell capacity depends to some extent on the architecture and application, but includes: This post has been built based on the support and sponsorship from: Eatron Technologies, About:Energy, AVANT Future Mobility, Quarto Technical Services, TAE Power Solutions and The Limiting Factor.  … Read more